American Kennel Club (AKC)
Started in 1884, the AKC is the oldest and probably largest registry of purebred dogs. They provide for registration, pedigrees, performance and conformation titles, education, health and genetic issues and more. Most reputable breeders of recognized breeds register there dogs and puppies with the AKC.

Labrador Retriever Club (LRC)
The LRC is a nationally based club dedicated to preserving the integrity of the breed. Formed in 1931, the club has a rich history with past and present members and is recognized as the parent club of the breed by the AKC.

Orthopedic Foundation for Canines (OFA)

The OFA was founded to collate and disseminate information concerning orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals and to advise, encourage and establish control programs to lower the incidence of orthopedic and genetic diseases.

Central Ohio Labrador Retriever Club (COLRC)

The COLRC was originally established by a group of friends in the Columbus, Ohio area for the benefit of those interested in the enhancement of the qualities of a Labrador Retriever, the sport, and advancement of cooperative communication within the Labrador Community and the dog fancy.

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
The CERF was founded by a group of concerned purebred owners/breeders with a goal of eliminating heritable eye diseases in purebred dogs through registration, research, and education.